Licensed Roof Inspections

The roofing experts at A Roof Above provide professional roof assessments that identify the source of roof problems found in each roof component including the roof deck, shingles, soffit, flashing, gutters, eaves troughs, siding and nails and caulking too. Don't wait until you are dealing with a leaky roof or worse before calling a roofing specialist. Check for these warning signs and call A Roof Above for immediate assistance.

Roof Repair Warning Signs

  • Shingles that are curling and buckling: Worn out shingles can be traced to missing nails on the roof deck and make your roof vulnerable to water infiltration and moisture problems.
  • Shingle granules in the gutters: Your shingles are beginning to disintegrate which can lead to decay of the roof deck.
  • Cracking and/or loosening of material around pipes.
  • Soft or springy texture in the roof valley signaling rotting wood due to moisture damage.
  • Dark streaks on the roofing material that may signal algae and require a professional roof cleaning.

Cost of Roof Repairs

When you get your roof repaired with A Roof Above, the cost will vary depending on the complexity of the damage and the required labor.

When you contact our office, we'll send over one of our licensed inspectors for a risk-free consultation. They'll inspect the damage and determine what repairs are needed. Our inspector will provide you with a service plan that details the cost and timeline of the project and all other pertinent details included in the service. If the total cost isn't within your budget, they'll offer you a range of alternative roofing repair solutions we can provide to determine if there's a more affordable option that will still get the job done.

When you hire A Roof Above for your roofing repair needs, you'll quickly learn that we offer competitive rates and flexible options. We invite you to contact our office today for a risk-free quote or to schedule an in-person consultation.

Customized Roof Repair Service

Repairing a roof requires specialized skills from trained and licensed roofers to ensure it's done right. Since no roof is exactly alike, roofers need to be versed in a wide range of repair services.

To ensure your home or business receives the best possible service, every licensed roofer employed with A Roof Above has the skills to work on any roof repair, no matter how complex the damage is.

Some of the most popular services we offer include:

  • Leaky roof repair
  • Cracked or missing shingle repair
  • Roof caulking and sealant
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Ridge point capping
  • Roof resealing and repainting
  • Gutter and eavestrough repair
  • Roofing vent replacement
  • Residential flat roofing repairs
  • Commercial roofing repair
These are only some of the services we can perform on your roof. For more information about what we offer, contact our office today.

Roof Repair Specialists

Damage to the roof of your home or business may not seem as straightforward as a missing shingle or dried out caulking. A Roof Above roofing specialists go beneath the surface of a roof problem which may derive from to poor ventilation in the attic or lack of proper insulation that has caused shingles to deteriorate more quickly. A Roof Above provides in-depth and qualified roof restoration expertise that lengthens the life of your roofing system and helps to avoid premature roof replacement.

Benefits of Roof Repairs

Regardless of how minor the repair is, residential property owners should never neglect their roofs because the damage will only get worse. Not only does repairing roof damage reinstate the integrity of the building, but it can also have additional benefits, including the following.

Prolongs Your Roof's Lifespan

If your roof is outdated and worn-down, chances are it requires repairs. When you hire an expert roofer to take care of the damages, you don't have to completely replace the roof as those repairs will extend its lifespan and keep your building protected.

Enhances Your Curb Appeal

There's a reason why roofs are designed with style in mind: they make up a large part of the building's exterior. One of the first things people notice about a building is the roof. If you have your roof repaired promptly when it endures any unsightly damage, it's easy to maintain a high curb appeal.

Maintains Your Home's Efficiency

The moment your roof has holes and cracks, your home loses heating and cooling efficiency since air is entering and escaping. The money you may hope to save from delaying your needed roof repair will soon be spent paying off increased utility bills.

Take advantage of the exponential benefits of expert roofing repair with our affordable, durable services. Contact us today for a consultation about your building's roof.

The Most Common Roof Problem

Leaking Piping
Water stains on walls or the celling in the bathroom in particular, often signal that a pipe flange is leaking and require prompt attention.

Interior leaks
Leaks where the roof meets the wall are usually an indication of a problem with the base flashings and will requires removal and replacement as well as flashing repair.

Leaky Skylights
Older model skylights may have to be entirely replaced while a newer model may require basic repairs only. Contact a A Roof Above roofing expert for a free estimate.

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  • Gutter and Eavestrough Repair
  • Roof Deck Repair
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  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Shingle Repair
  • Skylight Repair
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